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Day Trip: Malibu

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

With my plans foiled for a romantic weekend in Big Bear (fires, fog and bbq), we needed to come up with a backup plan for our mini-vacation last weekend.  So we decided to dive up PCH and spend the day in Malibu.

I was expecting a bit of a beach day but got my wish for gloomy and foggy along the coast (part of the romantic fall trip I so badly wanted).  The fog was so low it actually brushed past you when walking in or out of doors.  Eeery and so cool.

Getty Villa Malibu

First stop was the Getty Villa, a place I have had my eye on since before it opened in 2006 when I studied the remodel during design school.  I have a whole other post planned later in the week so I won’t tell too much now, but I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and found lots of architectural inspiration there!

Getty Villa Malibu


Afterward, we headed a bit further up the coast to grab lunch at Malibu Seafood Fish Market.  The fish and chips (and Diet Rite) hit the spot and we got to watch people surfing just across the street.  The people watching in Malibu is great too…

Malibu Seafood Restaurant

Especially at our next stop.  The Lumberyard, the Malibu Country Mart and Malibu Creek Plaza.  Lotsa lotsa moola here.  I almost stole some ladies ‘cheapo’ Kate Spade sunglasses (totally by accident, of course) at the J.Crew.

JCrew Malibu

And casually posh people like to chillax here by the aquarium and sip their lattes while enjoying an $8 cupcake (then head upstairs to Pilates)

The Lumberyard Malibu

We took in the scene, tried on a few obscenely priced pairs of clothing and then drove to a more affordable area  - Santa Monica.  There, hubs found a vintage pair of jeans for $7 and I played dress up with thrifted Marc Jacobs tops (which didn’t quite fit right).  We picked up some spices at Penzey’s and then grabbed coffee and crepes to wrap up the day.  Delish.

We came home worn out and happy, and to a very excited pup who thought we had left for good.  Happy daycation.

Photo credits: lumberyard images from their website

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