Day 61 - Ability to Time Travel Required.

Posted on the 04 April 2021 by Ourallotment @OurAllotment

There is a saying "That a society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they will never sit under". Now we have no plans to pop our clogs anytime soon, but you do have to plan for the future. Currently our rhubarb won't be ready to harvest for another year as you can only start picking on the second year. You will see in the photograph below we have erected another archway, but the climbing rose which grows underneath will take around three years to reach full height and probably five to make the full arch. So it's all about time travel, you let yourself go into the future and envisage what will be, it certainly helps as you look at the bare ground before you. These photographs here will also help us time travel back into the past, when our efforts are rewarded when we can say "Look what it used to be like"

Our lass is forever a happy digger and the last two potato beds are being prepared, they say you should have soil like cake crumbs, ours is currently like rock cakes.

Day 61 - Ability to time travel required.

Preparing for the future

Day 61 - Ability to time travel required.

Last two potato beds being prepared

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