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DAVID LOPERA: Fetishisticly Photoshopping Plus Size Women

By Sugar @TormentedSugar

DAVID LOPERA: Fetishisticly photoshopping Plus Size WomenOriginally posted on ChubbyisChic:

I feel like it would be more accepting if it were REAL Plus size Women as Famous Singers, Pop Stars etc.

Not Photo-shopped Celeb’s into larger versions of themselves here are a few pix found on a web search.

This just seem’s like a man’s Fetish or something Meh


A good point on Bustle

Isha Reid of An Autumn’s Grace :

“I can appreciate what David Lopera is trying to do here. Using women in the public eye and transforming them into plus-size women is certainly a way to show that women at any size can and are beautiful, but I wonder what the incentive is for those asking for these images. Is it just to see what a celebrity looks like fat? It is to make fun? If so, that’s where the danger lies because then it isn’t about enlightenment: It’s about…

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DAVID LOPERA: Fetishisticly photoshopping Plus Size Women

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