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Dating Your Instincts

By Nicelise
Dating Your InstinctsTo be perfectly honest, I tend to be skeptical and put a guard up when I first meet a new guy.
Why? Because I've had one too many encounters with guys you could say were players. They tend to be good looking, and they know that. They say all the things you want to hear, they make you feel awesome and lead you to believe they are seriously into you. Then, when they get what they want, something better comes along or they think they aren't going to get what they want from you, they're done with you.
And that's when you realize that everything they said was bullshit. Then you feel stupid for falling for it.
When that scenario plays out several times, it's no wonder that you become a skeptic. From then on, you second guess any compliment or declaration of feelings you receive from a guy. You have a hard time believing that a guy is being genuine.
Isn't that kind of depressing though? We've been played so many times that we can't accept that someone might be genuinely interested and open with you? A few bad apples ruined it for the whole bunch.
So what do you do when a guy comes along that could be genuinely interested and open with you? Do you go with it? Or do you constantly keep the idea that he could end up playing you in the back of your mind?
I think you might need to find a happy medium between the two.  Focusing too much on the idea that he could hurt you could ruin anything good from developing between the two of you. But believing every word a guy says right off the bat could make you an easy mark.
But overall, I think you need to listen to your gut when it comes to a guy. Does it sound way to good to be true? Maybe it is. Does something feel just a little bit off about what he is saying? It might be. Do you feel like you know him well enough to trust what he says is true? Then go with it and reciprocate. Your instincts don't usually steer you in the wrong direction.
xoxo Nickie

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