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By Killmenow @lbigfoot

For the past three weeks I have been dating someone. Before you all jump up in the air and yell Hallelujah, it is about time, I can say that it was only three dates.  She just seems to disappear on me. First two days were good and then the third date only ten days later. Despite my efforts to contact her, nada. When I do manage to catch her on the phone, she is doing something and will talk to me later. So logic dictates that she is not really interested for whatever reason. Yes I know it takes me a while to understand these things. Somehow I do not get wiser with age. Actually that is  a strange thought. To have the wisdom to say that I do not get wiser with age actually shows that I have got wiser.

So back to the drawing board and to online dating services, such as jdate.

There are three things that strike me about a person’s profile:

  • The picture – I wrote about this in my book, “Kill Me Now!” This is your calling card. It is what is going to make people stop and look at you. If you really want a person to stop and look, this has to be excellent, worth even forking out money to have it done professionally. FYI, adding a flower to your hair does not make you look more beautiful. No one is going to date the flower. The picture is also the most deceiving. When was it taken? I looked at a post of a woman and her pictures were from six years ago. How much has she changed since then? Is she camera-shy because she has changed so much? I saw a picture of a girl and she was with another girl. Which one will I be dating? Or are they Siamese twins? Or is it an all or nothing situation? How about a picture when you are in the far distance. Oo-la-la, so sexy. Yeah right.
  • The profile name – I never give this any thought, but some crack me up: INeedAManNow or IWantABabyNow or NoMoreOneNightStands
  • The text – You can see a lot of humor here such as “If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen.” One of my favorites. Or the woman who says that she is not looking for anyone who plays the games and then ends of with “Good luck to us all. Let the games begin!”  Hmmm.

Until next time I will leave you with this thought:

Dating sites

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