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Dance Moms Flashback: Recycle A Few Classic ALDC Moments. And Fix Those Feet While You’re At It, Please.

By Danthatscool @DanScontras

dancemoms1It’s ok.

I know you’re missing your Dance Moms.

Sure, you had a few weeks of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition to hold you over.  

But that doesn’t really count.  Especially when the void in your Tuesday nights can only be filled with some straight up Crazy Mom on Mom action.

Hollywood was nice.  But the party’s in Pittsburgh, yo.

So whether the show is your closeted guilty pleasure or you wear your shiny ALDC track suit loudly and proudly down at the mall, this is a good time to rewind and recycle a few classic moments to hold us over until January.

Because I know how you love them Dance Moms.

And I know how you get when you’re missing your show and people start talking smack about your stories.  OhNoTheyDin’t.

Or maybe you just go full out Mime in a Box with Wax On/Wax Off windshield wiper hands when you blow a nutty.  Because that would be totally awesome.


When your show comes back, I know you’ll do a Happy Dance down the street.


Or maybe an exceptionally Happy Dance and back all dat up into traffic.


Or maybe not.


But whatev.  You’ll figure it out by January.  I don’t have time for this right now.


No.  Really.  Peace out, bitches.


And one bonus photo of the girls sitting around reading my blog.  Just saying.


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