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Dan Fox Wins The Last Annual Vol-State Race 2012 Plus Update 11

By Abichal @Multidays
dan fox

King Dan and the best beer in ultrarunning.   Photo Carl Laniak

Dan Fox reached Castle Rock, Georgia in 5:03:09:33 to win the Last Annual Vol-State footrace across Tennessee and become King of The Road.

Dan is the first runner to win whilst being unsupported. Conditions were difficult with lots of rain in the first few days and then high temperatures that add to exhaustion and soreness.

Most everyone else is still making their way toward the rock 9 drops so far with the first 4 runners home. Joshua Holmes was second, followed by Paul Lefelhocz and within the last few hours Juli Aistars finished.

Update 11

word is, the vol-state fans want blood.

we gotcher blood fer ye. jan silverman is gone. she solved the problem of how to get back on the course… she aint going. psyche did get taken in last night. dusty awoke in the night, and heard someone crying outside her window. it was psyche, and she let her in. what did we say about living like a stray dog? this morning psyche said she is “trying to figure out how to walk” and she will let us know about her vol-state future. juli survived the storm. she is one remarkable woman. resilient, resourceful, and determined. my own sleep (the time i now call happy hour) was interrupted by a great comedy routine. one end of a phone conversation between carl and juli. carl was addled by lack of sleep, juli was addled by lack of sleep. she had stopped at mcdonalds and couldnt figure out which way to go. carl couldnt figure out where she was. after several phone calls and much discussion, they finally figured it out. she was 100 yards from where we were sleeping. yes fans, even carl has become a casualty. (people who actually need to sleep nearly every day should avoid the vol-state) i am losing carl to work responsibilities, and with him the ability to post. as soon as i finish this, i am going back to the rock for juli’s finish. this will be (probably) the last complete update. 1. Dan Fox 5:03:09:33 2. Joshua Holmes 5:17:04:49 3. Paul Lefelhocz 5:20:05:06 4. Juli Aistars 6:04:18:34 5) sulaiman sericki 287 (starting down monteagle mountain) 6) jay dobrowalski 274 (leaving monteagle for tracy city) 7) charlie taylor 265 (pelham, at the foot of the mountain) 8) john price 264 (right behind charlie, and doesnt know it) 9) sherry meador 252 (leaving manchester) 10) richard westbrook 258 (hillsboro) 11-12) psyche wimberly and dusty hardman (in war trace, psyche may not go on) 13) shannon burke 223 (leaving shelbyville) 14 diane taylor 194 (nearing lewisburg) 15) marvin skagerberg 175 (in columbia, and fighting for his race with the heart of a lion) 16) oprah 174 17) thomas mikkleson 250 RIP 18) jan silverman 218 RIP 19) rita barnes 185 RIP 20) sal coll 156 RIP 21) fred davis 125 RIP 22) erika matheny/adam vess 122 RIP 23) mike melton 121 RIP 24) abi meadows 100 RIP it was a happy band that stepped off the ferry a lifetime ago. some have already tasted the sweet kiss of the rock. some will yet succeed. many have failed. and more may join them. none will forget the call of the open road. the vol-state is the most achievable of challenges. but victory will come with a price. i will try to get word out, about the fate of those who fight on… however i can. laz More info

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