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Damson Gin, Jellies and Jams

By Sue15cat
Damson Gin, Jellies and Jams
Lovely Hubby's eyes lit up when he came home from work last week, on the worktop were sat three containers containing his favorite (up to now) homemade concoction ....damsons soaking in sugar and gin.  Well actually the square ex-sweetie jar contains damsons soaking in whisky.  I had one liter sized bottle of gin and an almost full bottle of whisky so I used that too.
We get a lot of bottles of whisky bought us, something to do with my man being Scottish I guess, he also gets given rum, something to do with being in the Royal Navy for so long, but my man is a Port drinker through and through so we try to find alternative uses for the whiskys and rum or pass them on as gifts to people that would appreciate them more than us.  He even sold a very expensive bottle of whisky at a car boot sale once and got enough to be able to buy himself a very drinkable bottle of Port, the man that bought it was thrilled to get a £30 bottle of whiskey for £18.
So his two favorite drinks are Port and Damson Gin, and when he's not drinking the Damson Gin he's busy spreading the Damson Gin Jam on his toast .... we're not alcoholics .... really we're not ... hic!!
We have one bottle remaining of last years batch, it never goes off it just keeps getting better and better ... I wonder how long it will last   ;-)
If you would like the recipes here's the post from last year when I make Damson Gin and Damson Gin Jelly and here's one from way back in 2010 when I made this luscious drink for the first time and turned the soaked fruits into Damson Gin Jam. ... even the damson stones were eaten in this one, waste not want not has always been my motto!!
Sue xx

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