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Damned If I Do, Broke If I Don't...

By Dotchi Latham @DotchiLatham
I will be working on the minecraft review later tonight and hopefully have it up for Saturday or Sunday by the latest. But I wanted to blog this to fill everyone in on what's going on and to document this for my work comp experience just in case I need a lawyer.
I went to the doctor at the Pain Clinic on the 27th. He wants to do facet joint injections. Said it would contain "pain medicine" and that it should help with the pain. If it does, then I am a good candidate to have my nerves burned. I don't want my nerves burned!
Anyway, so I called Pam at ESIS and left a message. I also called Cindy at work and told her their treatment plan.
The next day, Lisa from the pain clinic called to schedule my appointment. The thing is, she told me it is for a medial branch nerve block and that it contains steroids. I don't want steroids. The last experience with steroids was HORRIBLE. The nurse did put down that "patient requests no steroids". I also told her my concern about Cymbalta. In the literature that comes with the pills, it says (paraphrasing) "do not prescribe with patients with long term liver damage." So I told her my concern about that and she said she would ask the Dr. I told her I have liver disease and that is why I am concerned. She called back and said he wants me to take it anyway. He'll run liver function tests later. Shouldn't they run them before?
So I did get a hold of Pam at Esis and she said that I have to do what the doctor thinks is best for me or she will stop my work comp checks and close my claim for "non-compliance". So I HAVE to take cymbalta even though my PCP wouldn't even prescribe it to me, even though I have liver disease and even though it says IN THE LITERATURE FROM THE COMPANY THAT MAKES THE MEDICINE not to take it. I HAVE to get the injections even though I don't want them. Even though I want a different treatment and I don't think this is best for me. I am so doing this all under duress! I am signing the consent paper under duress and I am blogging it here. I do not want this injection!
I think taking cymbalta is a BAD idea! I would prefer the herbal route and want a more holistic approach to healing. Or to go to a chiropractor or accupunturist, or SOMETHING! I think this is a bad bad bad bad bad idea! and I am being forced/ coerced into it!From The Baker's Acres! Read more at

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