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Daisy's Day

By Sue15cat
  Daisy's Day
Hello My name is Daisy, I'm a Lavender Pekin Bantam,   I'm two and a half years old now and I live on a hillside in Wales with lots of other chickens ....    Daisy's Day   ... including Poppy my sister.    We got our lovely names from two little girls who read my human Mum's blog they were called Iris and Fern, I think they have nice names too, in fact two of our aunties were called after them.   Well I thought I would tell you all about my day, just a normal day but I thought I would share.   Daisy's Day   This is our house, when we can see the daylight through the top of the window our human Mum comes and opens up the big window and we all have a stretch, then she opens our door and the big girls go running down the ramp.  I hold back a bit and so does Poppy we don't like to be pushed as we are a lot smaller than some of the others.
Daisy's Day   I like to sit under the house on my own, I spend a lot of time there because it's nice and cosy and I can have a good dust bath in peace, sometimes Poppy joins me but she likes to mix with the big girls and she spends a lot of time with Caldwell II who is our leader.   Daisy's Day   The first cockerel that was our leader was also called Caldwell he was my Dad, he was very handsome.   Daisy's Day   Here's a picture of me and Poppy with our Mum, Little Lucy and Dad and our three big brothers.  I'm the one stood away from Mum, I was a bit bigger than Poppy then as I was born three days before her, but now we are the same size.   Daisy's Day   Of course now that I am big I can look after myself and I like to spend lots of time pecking around in the grass, it's amazing how much there is to eat when you look properly.   Daisy's Day   Some days when the weather is warmer and the days are longer I sit myself in the nest box and lay an egg for human Mum, she comes every day and takes them all away, we don't mind because she always says thank you and gives us a treat of some lovely tasty corn.  If I'm sitting on my own under the house she always gives me a little pile of corn all to myself and if I'm quiet I get to eat most of it before the bigger girls come over.  While Mum is there getting the eggs she cleans up our house and makes it all nice again ready for bedtime.   When it starts to go dark we all take it in turns to go up the ramp to bed, I like to sit under the perches where it is cosy but most of the girls sit on them above me, I have to watch to sit in just the right place so I am still clean in the morning.  When it is very dark and everyone is safely at home human Mum comes and closes the window and the door and we all settle down and go to sleep.   Daisy's Day   The End.     Daisy xx

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