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Dais Analytic’s Breakthrough Energy Storage Technology

Posted on the 13 September 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Dais Analytic’s Breakthrough Energy Storage TechnologyEvery once in a while I get a forward from my dad, often the Oil and Energy Investor Newsletter, with a tip about a company that has developed new technology in the energy economy. The most recent newsletter revealed that Dais Analytic received a patent for their “Nanoparticle Ultracapacitor.” According to the newsletter, “the device uses the company’s existing proprietary nano-structured materials to create an energy storage mechanism projected to have great advantages – both in terms of performance and cost – over existing storage technologies.”

While still in its infant stages, the hope is that nanotechnology will provide greater storage capabilities. At this point, one of the greatest deterrents to developing large scale renewable energy (especially intermittent sources like wind and solar) is the lack of consistent power generated. Finding an effective way to store energy and release it to the grid when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun isn’t shinning will enable renewable sources to compete with traditional ones.

From Dais Analytic’s website comes the following description of what the company does, “Dais Analytic offers ‘industry-changing’ nanotechnology applications that address the growth of global water and energy demand. Furthering Dais’ proven ability to create eco-friendly heating and cooling products, the company is now innovating cost-effective and energy-efficient methods for both water purification and energy storage solutions.”

Kent Moors, author of the Oil and Energy Investor Newsletter, points out numerous potential applications of the technology:

  • most forms of transportation
  • telecommunication infrastructure
  • transistors and consumer battery applications in cell phones
  • computers
  • electronic networks
  • smart grids
  • energy storage (it’s especially useful as a storage media for renewable energy technologies, as it allows steady and predictable release of stored energy into the grid)

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