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Daily Rituals to Practice for Your Health

Posted on the 28 January 2016 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

Daily Rituals to Practice for Your Health

Who doesn't want to be the healthiest version of themselves? We all do, don't we? If you want to be the healthiest version of yourself, you need to put some practice in daily. You can't do it sporadically; there are a few daily rituals you need to tend to to ensure your health. Take a look and see what you think:

Drink 2-3 Litres of Water

You must drink 2-3 litres of water per day to ensure optimum health. Some people drink as much as 4, but only if you're exercising heavily should you drink that much. Carry a bottle with you and remember to drink from it throughout the day. You can even mark it if you like so that you've gotten to a certain point by a certain time. You should try to cut down on caffeine, as this can have some ill health effects if you have too much. That being said, tea is really good for you as long as you don't add milk and sugar. No need to go for standard tea either; dandelion root tea and other interesting teas are great.

Eating well is so important for your mind, body, and spirit. It can affect the way we think, so if you want to feel great eating well is the way forward. Fill your diet with fruit and vegetables. Eat as many vegetables as you can fit in! Make sure you get a good mix of proteins, carbs, and fats. Don't cut out a certain food group, just eat healthy real food! No need to follow fad diets.

Get Some Form of Exercise

Getting some form of exercise is essential, even if you just go for a nice walk. If you go to the gym and partake in some classes, that's all the better. You should do a good mix of resistance training and cardio training to see and feel results in your body.

Quieten Your Mind

The mind and the human body have a love hate relationship at times. We associate ourselves so much with the mind, that we can upset ourselves simply by thinking of events that have already happened. One way to stop doing this is to meditate. You can call it what you like, but it is basically giving your mind a rest. You can notice improvements in all areas of your life by doing this!

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is important for our health , as it directly affects the way we function throughout the day. Get plenty of quality sleep!

See People You Love

Seeing people you love is good for your well being. Make sure you make arrangements to see them for catch ups, even if it's just a few times a week.

Get Some Fresh Air

Don't allow yourself to be cooped up all the time. Get some fresh air!

Make sure you do these things for your health as often as possible and you'll benefit in so many ways. Leave any thoughts of your own below!

Daily Rituals to Practice for Your Health

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