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Dad's Bed

By Sue15cat
Dad's Bed   This is Dad's Bed.   Dad's Bed   After a week spent filling it up a couple of barrow loads at a time, it was finally ready and settled enough to plant into yesterday.   It started the day looking like this.
Dad's Bed   After carrying the plants, tree and bird bath over from the house, I played around with where things would go.
Dad's Bed   With plants lifted from his previous bed at our last place, a couple of new plants and baby plants, grown specially by Mum all in their chosen places, everything was given a really good drink .....
Dad's Bed
... before being covered with a good layer of mulch.  The oak chippings from our own felled oak tree.  Dad would have approved, using such special chippings from a magnificent tree that we intend to use every part of.    Dad's Bed   Dad's view down the hillside and across the valley.  He would have loved it , he would have sat and drunk in every tree, bush, hedge and movement of animal, insect and bird life.  He would have watched the traffic going past, bustling about in their rush to get from here to there, and he would have relaxed and breathed in the calm of the hillside in comparison.   He would have loved it.   Dad's Bed   I'm sure he does love it.   Because Dad is there .... his ashes, in their oak box are buried snugly beneath the Heuchera.    He always slept on the that side of the bed, and one day as is Mum's wish, she will join him on her side.  But for now I will savour having Dad safe with us, close to me as I work on the hillside and in the tunnels growing food and flowers just as he loved to do, as we keep our promise to him .... to take care of that which he treasured most in the world Mum.   Sue xx

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