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Dad-Friendly, Earth-Friendly Shoes

By Designerdaddy @DesignerDaddy
Dad-Friendly, Earth-Friendly Shoes

Ask nearly any parent, and they'll tell you the most important item in their wardrobe is a comfortable pair of shoes. Chasing kids around the house/mall/supermarket/park can put a lot of wear and tear on mom or dad's feet, so comfy kicks are a must. Unfortunately, fashion often takes a backseat to function... particularly with a lot of dads.

It's one of my life's missions to debunk that myth - to show that a dad can be both stylish and sensible, funky and functional, dapper and dependable. Helping me in my debunking endeavors is a new pair of Nisolo sneakers.

Dad-Friendly, Earth-Friendly Shoes

I'm wearing the Diego Low Top Sneaker (in Tobacco), and as you can see, am at one with nature. But why all the outdoorsy poses?

Dad-Friendly, Earth-Friendly Shoes

In addition to it being a gorgeous Spring day... and the fact that I published this post on Earth Day... Nisolo prides themselves on producing environmentally friendly, socially-conscious shoes.

What does that mean, exactly? For Nisolo, it's exemplified by two amazing programs the company participates in.

Dad-Friendly, Earth-Friendly Shoes


First is Soles4Souls, a shoe reclamation program. 85% of our clothing and shoes can be recycled or reused, yet 99% ends up in landfills. Nisolo and Soles4Souls are combatting the massive amounts of landfill waste created by our disposable fashion habits. They've committed to a circular system that reuses and recirculates products and materials.

Nisolo's goal is to collect a minimum of 5,000 pairs of shoes by 2020 to send to Soles4Souls. They are 30% of the way there, having collected 1,490 pairs, diverting them from landfills. Learn how you can help.

The second program is Ecosphere+, which works to conserve the Amazon rainforest (while offsetting Nisolo's carbon emissions) by planting a tree for every pair of shoes they sell. Easiest way to help? Lend a foot, buy some shoes, plant a tree. Easy-peasy.

So not only am I feeling comfortable and fashionable, I'm doing so conscientiously with a small - yet meaningful - assist to Planet Earth.

Dad-Friendly, Earth-Friendly Shoes

I took the photos for this post at my parents' house. The whole family was there for Easter weekend, so I had brought along my Nisolos to take advantage of the nice weather and pastoral setting. Yet as I hurriedly dressed for church Sunday morning, I realized these were the only pair of shoes I'd packed besides my workout sneakers.

In my experience, just-out-of-the-box shoes are never comfortable enough to wear for very long. And while losing a considerable amount of weight has made my feet generally happier, I've still got big (size 13), wide, flat feet. I wear insoles for my non-existent arches. And I'm just shy of 50. So foot/leg/knee comfort is paramount.

However, after wearing my spanking new shoes to church - followed by lunch at Grandma's, egg hunt with cousins, and a trip to the park - I barely noticed I had them on. It was an Easter miracle! 😉

Nisolo Shoes

Check out the entire collection of men's shoes from Nisolo. Sneakers, boots, oxfords, loafers... lots of great-looking, earth-friendly shoes.

And don't forget mom/sis/grandma/etc. - shop Nisolo's collection of women's shoes, too.

Other items shown: polo, Ralph Lauren; pants, Levi; watch, Jord; socks, Happy Socks; sunglasses; Tom Ford; tie, Kenneth Cole. Nisolo provided me with a complimentary pair of Diego Low Top Sneakers, but all opinions are my own.

Dad-Friendly, Earth-Friendly Shoes


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