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Posted on the 09 February 2011 by Pelski
The lovely folk over at the Maouris Company have kindly sent us this lovely slice of electronica by the young Franco-Finnish producer Örsten. His debut album, 'Cutworks', was released last month on Psychent and is a delightful, emotive journey through the vast musical spectrum. The album title stems from Orsten's very original approach to the cut and paste style when producing, fusing elements from all over the board and bringing it all together so effectively in his luscious, graceful and melodic sound. With one foot firmly rooted in US hip-hop and another softly treading the waters of 60's cinema, soulful vocals and soft piano stabs, his first attempt at the LP is not to be overlooked, at all! In a world where it is getting progressively more difficult to pin genre names to tracks, this album is for those who have got a penchant for the melodic yet purposeful Apparat sound.
Personally, I really like it. I think it is a solid slab of beautiful electronica with all the right ingredients coming together to perfectly create a really enjoyable, sometimes funky, sometimes meditative album. It's the kind of release that does all the talking without the need of a hefty press release or a load of media hype.
You can give the whole thing a listen here, and download this free track as well...
Orsten - Cutworks
Listen to the whole release here.

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