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Cutting Remarks

By Maggiemcneill @Maggie_McNeill

A large majority of the whores I have seen have been the lower tier type.  I have always acted right, but often come across those who somehow get into it with me and then try to “demean” me and talk about how “pathetic” I am and how I have to “pay for pussy”.  Growing up I heard from experienced men that if you give a woman your money, in her eyes you instantly lose her respect like it is a biological thing.  Is that true, or is it just the level of providers and would the more upscale EROS type of provider would be any different?  These comments make me worry that they would clown me behind my back (after being nice around me) with girlfriends about how easy it is to play “these guys”.

crazy woman with knifeThough I have certainly heard some sex workers say stupid things like that about men behind their backs (though more so in strip clubs than among escorts), I’m utterly flabbergasted that any of them ever said this to your face, much less a large enough number for you to consider it a trend!  Now, if you’ve mostly hired low-priced women it’s no surprise that you haven’t received the kind of polished professional service you would expect from those who treat their business like a business, but what is a surprise is that any woman could be so clueless as to destroy any chance of repeat business by blatantly insulting her customers.  In fact, this strikes me as so weird that I wonder if you’re not somehow inadvertently contributing to it.  You said they “get into it with you”; do you mean they get into arguments with you, and the abuse then follows as part of the argument?  Because if that’s the case, I think it’s less a hooker-client thing and more just an argument thing; lots of women will throw the most cutting insult they can think of at a man, and if that man is a stranger her options are limited to physical characteristics and the situation at hand.  Furthermore, what in the world are y’all arguing about?  Though every working girl runs into clients who annoy her, most try to avoid actually fighting with them for reasons that should be obvious; if you’re getting into insult-slinging-level disagreements with “a large majority” of your escorts, I can’t help but think you’re either doing or saying something to mightily piss them off.  If that’s the case, hiring a more expensive girl isn’t likely to really solve the problem; she may cover her anger better or respond more specifically to the insult, but the issue itself will remain unchanged.

I suggest that a little introspection might be in order; mentally play back your interactions with these women and try to figure out if there’s anything that the incidents have in common, such as something you said or did that seemed to set them off.  Remember that it doesn’t have to be anything you considered hurtful; how something is intended isn’t always how it is perceived.  My intuition tells me it’s somehow related to the rather backward idea that giving a woman money causes her to lose respect for you; in truth, most women worth having will lose respect for you if you’re stingy with your money, not vice-versa.  I’m going to throw this out to my readers; perhaps one of the men has had a similar experience to yours, or one of the women has had a client to whom she reacted as badly as these women seem to be reacting to you.

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