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*Cutey Jewellery : Shamballa Bracelets*

By Dottydolly @jadearchibald1
*Cutey Jewellery : Shamballa bracelets**Cutey Jewellery : Shamballa bracelets*Bracelet : Cutey (buy here) / Lips : YSL glossy stain : shade 16 / Ring : A friends
A few weeks back I was contacted by the lovely jewelry brand, Cutey. They kindly offered to send me a few of their shamballa bracelets, so seeing as i'd been a fan of the sparkly little things for a while, i Jumped at the chance to own some! I love everything about them, from the sparkles to the easy fastening and glittery beads! The gold one is definitely my favorite as i'm a sucker for the colour, however the red one has been perfect for the past few patriotic weeks during the Olympics! They are also really easy to wear and add a bit of girly sparkle to a plain outfit, such as jeans and a tee. The bracelets cost just £18.99 which i think is such a bargain considering the quality of them! Never mind how pretty they are too!
Do any of you own a Cutey shamballa bracelet? Because if you don't i really recommend them!! Have a lovely weekend girlies, apparently it's meant to be a hot one as well! But, this is England so who's to say ... xxx 

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