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Cute Halloween Wallpapers For Your iPhone

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell
We take Halloween real serious 'round here. For a lot of people it might mean dressing up and going out for a night, but for me, Halloween is a lifestyle. It feels like the only time of year when other people get what I'm on about. I like to spread the spooky vibes as thickly as I can over all corners of my life, including my phone. Here's a few of the cutest and most original wallpapers I found this year to spookify your device (I love the sexy little vampire teeth *squeal*). All these wallpapers are available on Pinterest, and I've left the links for you below!
Cute Halloween Wallpapers For Your iPhone little ghosts // pastel bats // fall leaves // vampire teeth // pink ghost // monochrome bats // it's fall y'all // pumpkins // hello boootiful //

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