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By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
Drinking: My own rendition of a pumpkin spice latte :) If you have a Keurig, I highly suggest this Pumpkin Spice K-cup! I love Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Lattes (I like Panera's even better though), but my wallet & my stomach don't. This homemade version of the PSL is much cheaper & has less calories. WIN! I'll have to share what all I put in it next week!


Viewing: The lake that makes up my new backyard. So gorgeous! I would share a TV show that I'm currently watching, but I have to call Verizon to come out and fix my cable. So instead, you get to see what I'm "viewing" instead :)

Reading: Blog Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho. I just bought this book a few days ago, and I started reading it today. So far, so good! I'm excited about it rekindling my passion for blogging and hoping that it sparks some fresh inspiration. Review to come later!
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Listening to: I can't get enough of the song "Country Girl" by Like Bryan! And when I'm running at the gym, lately all I want to listen to is the new Passion Pit album!


Looking forward to: Getting my gallery wall finished (and started...). One of my best friends turns 21 next week :) We're all going out to celebrate...I can't wait! And I'm also looking forward to my new blog design...eeeek!
Thanks to Tammy for inspiring this post :)

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