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Cure for Epilepsy?

By Newsanchormom

Cure for Epilepsy?
If you know anyone who has a child with epilepsy, you have got to forward this story. It is incredible. I have never heard of a diet that is preventing seizures until now. This diet would be really hard to control-especially for a child-but it's amazing if it works. I am thrilled for these parents to potentially have a cure. I know what's it like when your child has something wrong with him/her and the doctors say they'll probably grow out it. You feel so helpless.
FROM ABC: Three hundred thousand American children suffer from a debilitating disease-- epilepsy -- and tonight those children and their parents have new hope for a life without seizures, possibly even a cure. The results come in as little as four days, but the medicine doesn't come from a pharmacy--it comes from a frying pan. Starting at age 3, Evan would have up to 50 seizures a day.
Jeff Kristal: "Having him seizing and there was basically nothing I could do." His parents say the medicine didn't work - turned him into a zombie. Jeff Kristal: "It would take Evan five minutes to walk across the street, so he could stand there, have a seizure and fall down." Then Evan's parents found bacon? This cure on a plate is known as the Keto diet.
It's 90% fats like heavy cream, virtually no sugars or starches.
Why would any parent do this to a sick child? They hope it will trick his brain into a system reset. Here's how it works. Normally, our brains are fueled by glucose, but when we eat only fats, we don't get enough glucose, so the body makes a new brain fuel from the fat -- something called ketones. Seizures are like an electrical storm in the brain.
Mysteriously, a big dose of these ketones minimize or even eliminate seizures. "One thing I worry about is giving false hope to people. How effective is this treatment?"
Dr. Elizabeth Anne Thiele: "About a third of children who go on this diet become completely seizure free."

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