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Cruise - Day at Sea & Haiti.

By Elleelizabeth @elleelizabethh
day two on the ship was at sea. it was the first full day that we were able to soak up some rays. jeremy and joe entered in a water balloon contest on the pool deck, and ended up pretty far into the contest. jeremy even got in trouble for cheating! he was using the large screen above to watch himself as he was throwing above his head which got him in trouble. later in the afternoon we made our way to watch people make their attempt on the flow rider. monday was also our first formal dinner night. everyone got dressed up in suits and dresses. dinner was delicious of course!
cruise - day at sea & haiti.
this picture on the bottom right is of my cousin, my great aunt (who we were celebrating her 90th birthday), and my cousin's husband.tuesday, we arrived at royal caribbean's private island labadee haiti. it was nice and hot, just how i like it! we spent our time chilling in the shade and swimming in the ocean. jeremy and joe also bartered with the locals. my cousin kim's daughter morgan became very attached to jeremy and i while in haiti and had to sit wherever we were sitting on the beach, and on the trolly back to the port.
cruise - day at sea & haiti.that night after we left port from haiti and were headed to jamaica, the ship had a dance party on the pool deck at night. there was lots of music, dancing, and some pretty strong drinks. of course, jeremy and joe did most of the drinking. i did have a drink or two, but just so i could get the souvenir glasses :)
cruise - day at sea & haiti.stop by tomorrow for a post on jamaica and grand cayman! have a wonderful wednesday!!!

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