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By Leonoras


By the time we actually arrived at the England v. Romania Rugby World Cup match in Dunedin, I’d say we understood (a very generous) 70% of what actually goes on in a rugby game. Totally grasped the scoring and passing, not clear about scrums, why the ball is sometimes kicked straight up in the air for no apparent reason, and for what reason certain players where padded hats and others don’t.

Blatant lack of insider knowledge aside, the game itself was a pretty amazing time. With no commercial breaks, it went about a zillion times faster than any American sports game, and despite the fact it was an absolute blow-out (go England!) the atmosphere in the stadium was fantastic and the match stayed action-packed and completely exciting all the way through.


I got into the spirit by sporting an England jersey and Jesse dressed up in a $5 red and white nurse-style poncho, which he generously loaned to me for our very rainy walk to the stadium.

Worried that our accents and confusion about the game itself would expose us as the unseasoned fans we are, we did make a concerted effort to avoid extended conversations with fellow England supporters, although by a certain point in the game it didn't seem like anyone would have noticed.  

The match was definitely worth upending our itinerary to scoot over to Dunedin for. Although now rather wishing we’d bought a flag rather than the poncho – much easier to plaster to the Nugget back window. 

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