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Cross Stitch Bookmark

By Seamssewcreative
I finished the Victorian lavender bookmark last night, and was really surprised at how quickly it came together. As per the instructions, I inserted a piece of card stock between the felt and the design, the result was great! The card stock really helped stretch the piece out so everything ended up even and straight. Here are a few pics of the finished project:

Cross stitch bookmark
Cross stitch bookmarkCross stitch bookmarkCross stitch bookmarkQuilt top still in progress, I have been thinking of my next hand-stitching project. I'm going back and forth between doing a felt pillow based on this super cute owl lunch box, or attempting some embroidery for the first time. Anna Maria Horner has some beautiful patterns I would love to have a go at...

Cross stitch bookmark
I'm enjoying the hand sewing so much, I'm making it a goal to keep a constant hand stitching work-in-progress on my nightstand, it is much more relaxing to go to bed to that, instead of a blaring TV...

Happy sewing,


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