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Crocodile Tears: George Soros Says Europe on Verge of Collapse

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

This is rich.

International financier and currency speculator George Soros, an advocate of “open society,” i.e., open borders, who helped foment the invasion of Europe by Muslim “refugees” and “migrants,” now bemoans that Europe is on the verge of a complete collapse.

BERLIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 10:  Billionaire investor George Soros speaks on

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In September 2015, Soros maintained that his foundation’s 6-point plan “treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”

Now that his plan has succeeded, plunging Europe into utter chaos where villages are inundated by “migrants” and their garbage; truck-drivers are attacked on freeways; and Muslim males mass-rape European women, Soros is crying crocodile tears.

In an interview with the German magazine WirtschaftsWoche, Jan. 20, 2016, referring to the “migration crisis,” this evil man said: “the EU is on the verge of collapse…. The EU now is confronted with not one but five or six crises at the same time…. What was a prediction has become the reality.”

Perversely, instead of the lawless Muslim migrants, Soros identifies the main problem responsible for Europe being on the verge of collapse as the stubborn “forces of nationalism” in Europe where “Each member state has selfishly focused on its own interests, often acting against the interests of other.”

In other words, the reason why Europe is falling apart is because European countries haven’t opened their borders enough to the Muslim hordes!

Truly, George Soros is the demonic Joker of Batman, whose sole purpose in life is to foment chaos for chaos’ sake.

Joker chaos

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