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Creatures Without Sin

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Nothing that God does is by happenstance, most certainly not the birth of His only Son.

Instead of being born in a palace, surrounded by royalty and servants, He chose to be born in a manger, with His human parents Mary and Joseph, angels on high, and adored by humble farm animals, whom St. Bonaventure called “creatures without sin”.

Baby Jesus with lambs

Below is photographic evidence of the holiness of God’s creatures.

holy creatures
holy creatures1
holy creatures2
holy creatures 21
holy creatures 20
holy creatures3
holy creatures4
holy creatures5
holy creatures6
holy creatures8
holy creatures9
holy creatures11
holy creatures12
holy creatures13
holy creatures14
holy creatures15
holy creatures16
holy creatures18
holy creatures19
holy creatures17
holy creatures7

H/t SureAwesomeness and FOTM‘s CSM


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