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Creativity in One of Detroit's Crumbling Factories

By Somanycolors
As a native Detroiter, I've become accustomed to vacant, burned out neighborhoods and architectural wonders left to decay. I've been saddened by it. But others find beauty, inspiration and, sometimes, new uses for the vacant land and structures.
The Detroit News ran a story yesterday about the Packard complex designed by noted architect Albert Kahn. It opened in the early 1900's and was used to manufacture the most luxurious cars in the US. It also was used to manufacture aircraft engines during World War II.
Here's the video that accompanied the story:
The Packard plant is also a destination for tourists from around the world either on the web at sites like or to actually visit as described by Detroit Techno Tourist.
I don't remember seeing the plant as a child. Our travel in those days was limited to streetcars and buses to get to specific places: downtown to shop, my grandmother's shop on Chene in Hamtramck.
And my family never worked in the auto industry. Talking with my mother about it, I learned that the mother of one of her childhood friends worked in the kitchen at Packard. That's the closest we came to an association with the plant.
I want to see it now. Don't know if I will-I'm not usually the type to wander about abandoned buildings. But I am inspired by the undying spirit of my city.

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