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Creativity Ain’t Easy!

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

Chocolate Fountains of CreativityWhile I don’t (on most days) consider myself a creative (as in professionally) I’m sitting here right now trying to work on 3 or 7 things that all require me to come up with ideas that I want to be great so that those 3 to 7 projects can be great.


Some days it’s not. Some days the words and ideas flow like the gooey chocolate flows in the fountain.

And then other days it’s the molases and it’s a pain in the ass and all you want is the stupid chocolate to come back!

So here’s what I want to remind you – every single time you write a blog post or poem or make a video for YouTube or create a website like THIS - you are being creative. And that’s awesome! Like really awesome. Being successfully creative is one of the coolest things ever and it’s hard work.

I am amazed and astonished by the people who I do consider to be professional creatives with every thing that they do.

So – if you get to feeling like me with the whole molases instead of chocolate thing – here’s what I suggest.

Take a fucking break.

Surrounded by Mouse Traps
Yup, you need it. Your brain needs it. You can’t push this stuff out if you want to avoid it turning out like shit. So, put on some music. Close your eyes. Think about clouds and unicorns and puppies and dragons and baseball or whatever you need to do to get away from that stuff you’ve been trying to think about for hours. And then – when your mind is clear and clean and in a place that doesn’t feel like a floor full of mouse traps – you can GO GET IT! 

When the deadline comes you’ll have given everything you’ve got. Not because you never took your eyes off of the screen and punched more keys than you’ve ever punched in your entire career. But because you gave yourself the best chance to do the best work.

And that’s the goal man, the best work.

Give yourself to do the best that you can and there will be more and more for you to do. And more and more that people want you to do. And that would be pretty great too.

Keep being awesome out there kids. I know you’ve got it in you. 

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