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Creative Space

By Heidi @missfinn

Creative Space

I am hooked on this living room! The curved shape of the couch and the mix of chairs works well together. I’m loving the red lacquered sideboard and the gorgeous printed cushions too. Although I’m having a hard time trying not to see a robot instead of a cabinet in the righthand corner. What do you see?

With the imminent arrival of our brand new couch, my mind has been occupied with thoughts the current layout of our living room and how am I going to make it all work? The space is large enough alright, but rearranging furniture is a lot easier in my head than in practice! I am looking forward to it though because for me, moving furniture creates the feeling that you have a completely new room at the end of the process. I like that it has the ability to change the energy and feel of an entire space and the start of a new season is a great time to do this. xx

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