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By Heidi @missfinn

Creative Space

I find gray an excellent neutral shade with furnishings because it’s so easy to pair with another color or print and it almost always goes together. Today we finally bought our new couch, it’s a little like the one above, although modular and with a chaise and ottoman. We have persisted (and existed) with our beloved Chesterfield for so long and it really does need restoring and a well-earned rest. The main reason for buying such a large couch was purely so that we can all fit without having to squeeze in like sardines in a can. Now we just have to wait 3 weeks for delivery. We are also very soon going to take delivery of six new Eames DSW chairs for our dining table! We didn’t settle on one particular colour, we went with a mix instead. We decided that having had a collection of mismatched antique chairs for so long, the thought of having anything uniform just wouldn’t be right. Can’t wait!

I’m back to work tomorrow after four days off with laryngitis and a head cold. My voice is still a little raspy, but it’s great for singing! xx

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