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Creative Space

By Heidi @missfinn

Walls aren’t just for hanging framed art or pictures. These rooms have been decorated with hanging unusual native tribal masks and woven baskets, which make for a great change from the usual family pictures.

Creative Space

Creative Space

I don’t know how I would go sleeping in a bedroom with all those masks staring at me though…I think I would have to put something like that in a room or hallway.

You would probably be surprised at what you have stashed away in a linen closet, attic or garage that you could give life back to by turning it into a wall hanging. I have a hand painted Turkish plate that takes pride of place in my kitchen (thank you Bff for that!) You could always try hunting something down at a garage sale or swapping something from your home with something from a friend?

Have you ever tried sharing art with someone?

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