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Creative Manipulation

By Dailydoseofmusings @mythoughts4sure

My youngest son and I had an argument tonight. He refused to eat his supper and I am refusing to give him anything else for the rest of the night. Since supper, he has asked for a glass of mango juice. He has asked me for a snack. I kept telling him his dinner was in the fridge, top shelf, and that if he was hungry he could eat that.
We argued some more. Of course, bad moods have surfaced. Zach wanted to watch a show on Family Channel and I wanted to watch The Big Bang Theory.
It's now bed time. So what does the kid do? He picked up my cell sitting right in front of me on the coffee table and pretended to dial a number.

"Hello Mommy?" He asked loud enough for me to hear. "Hi it's me. This is Zack. What are you doing?"

He paused as if he was listening to an answer from his Mom aka: EX wife.

"Oh really Mommy?" Zach said into my cell even louder making sure I hear him. "You are drinking juice and watching Family Channel and you said I can too? Okay. I was just checking. "

Did he seriously just do that??!!
None the less, I think I'll give the kid a sip of water for his creativity and tenacity, this one time only!!!

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