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Creating Your Own Spa at Home, Robes, Slippers & More

By Peppertan

Creating your own Spa at Home, Robes, Slippers & More

We all love a day at the spa. You get pampered while wearing comfortable spa robes, slippers and at some spas, eating organic snack foods and having a glass of wine. The problem is that you may not always have time to go to a spa or sometimes they cost too much money. Here is how you can create an affordable DIY spa right in your own home complete with a spa robe and slippers.

How to buy a spa robe and slippers on sale

The first thing you need to think about is what to wear during your day of pampering. Instead of heading to a large department store for expensive retail prices, you can buy a spa robe and slippers on sale at numerous online stores like in the CrazyforBargains women’s spa robe  section where you get the same quality spa robes and slippers at discounted prices. It can help you save a lot of money, especially when you use coupons and their free shipping and flat rate offers.  Once you have your outfit ready to go, it’s time to plan your spa room/s for the day.

How to set up a DIY spa room in your house

The first thing to think about is what room you will be comfortable enough in and can set up to relax. Some people prefer their bedroom so they can lay on their bed, and others prefer the bathroom so they can soak in their tub. Some people enjoy their living room with their couches or even their kitchen so they can snack and sit up right while boiling fruits and salts to create an aromatherapy spa in their kitchen. You should pick one or two of these rooms for your DIY home spa and block them off to everyone else during your spa day. Here is what you do to create a spa in your own home.

Either pick your relaxing sounds or scents first. If you go for sounds and decide on an ocean; use scents that complement the noises to help you escape into the world you are creating. There are sea salts, ocean scents, foods that you eat at the beach and other things that can help you feel like you are there. If you decide on a forest, go with things like leaves, streams and scents like pine trees, rain smells and other fresh clean things. If you can’t decide which one you want to do, you could always set up two different environments. You can have the bathroom be a beach and your living room be a forest. Find candles, bath salts and even take in some flower petals or sea shells to add to the effect. Now you want to pick your food and treatments.

How to make spa foods at home

If you chose to use the forest as your theme, and you’ll hear lake sounds while soaking in your tub, create a healthy organic mix of berries to snack on. You could also melt chocolate to dip them in if you really want to have something amazing. If you have a drink, take soda water and add the berries to it to bring the smells and tastes of nature into it. You could even juice a couple of them and add it so that you have spa foods that are light and relaxing to eat and drink as well as have a bit more flavor while keeping the theme and environment.

If you decided to use your living room and will be using a face mask, you can make spa foods that you would enjoy on a picnic.  Fresh apple slices dipped in chocolate or combined with strawberries and other things you would find or eat on a picnic are ideal.  Cucumbers are great for this and you can find a million cucumber drink recipes while searching online.  How fun would it be to have a cucumber saki martini while enjoying a mask and having cucumber slices over your eyes?  You could pair it with mini cucumber sandwiches that are bite sized and also keep the picnic atmosphere going.  Making spa foods that match the atmosphere you are creating is easy, just think about the things that exist or that you enjoy when you are at the beach, on a picnic, at a lake or wherever relaxes you the most.

Now that your do it yourself spa at home is complete, you just have to find the products you want to use.  Some of my personal favorites are the cucumber and tonic mask from Mario Badescu (you can find a review here http://rollerbladerdc.hubpages.com/hub/What-are-the-best-Mario-Badescu-Skin-Care-Products) which blends perfect for many themes and any mud mask and minty foot bath soak work great.  If you can find products that have similar scents to your rooms, and that you won’t have any allergic reactions to, that could be an awesome way to keep your themes going.  If you are doing the beach, find an exfoliate that has grit in it to feel like sand or if you are doing a picnic then try cucumber scented products.  The reason I enjoy bath salts, masks and scrubs so much is because I don’t have to do any work and can start relaxing.  Manicures and waxing are work.  By doing those first, you can get all of the work out of the way and then begin your pampering with nothing but relaxing and resting in your DIY at home spa.

The most important thing to remember when creating a DIY spa in your home is to make sure that the rooms are designed, smell and feel like the places you like to relax.  Find a great relaxation cd or mp3, delicious and healthy foods that match the theme and also scents that make you feel like you are actually there.  Instead of candles which can cause a fire, you may want to try flameless candles, plug in scented air fresheners and even just foods that are fragrant in case you fall asleep.  Try to close off all light into the room so you can relax and if you can’t block out all of the light, get an eye mask to wear so you can relax in your favorite place like you are at a spa without ever leaving your home.

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