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Creating Relevant Content Throughout the Customer Journey

Posted on the 28 March 2014 by Scotcombs @3rdplanetmedia

Good idea.“Content marketing is not simply making people want stuff, but making sure they get what they want – a product or service that fits their needs, which they understand how to use and which will deliver on the promise made to them.

If advertising states the brand promise, direct marketing was traditionally the conversion mechanic for a linear customer journey. Now content marketing provides a means of delivering on that promise and driving engagement throughout an increasingly non-linear customer journey.

The exact path a customer takes on their journey, and the demands for support at each stage, vary by product or service. As my colleagues often say: “There’s no cookie cutter approach to content.” However, the customer journey and content requirements tend to align with some identifiable stages. Understanding these stages allows you to create the right content for people as and when they need it.” More from this article by David Williams>>>

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