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Creating, Defining, & Manifesting Our Own Reality

By Soulthriller

Creating, Defining, & Manifesting Our Own Reality

We create our own reality

There has perhaps been no other time when this phrase has been so important now and for the coming months and years. There’s been alot of talk about 2012 lately, especially given all the novelties occurring within the domain of the human experience (earthquakes, tsunamis, radiation fallout, oil “spill” disasters, economic crises, populist revolutions, etc). It’s a definitive understanding that nobody actually knows what will occur in the next year or two and what the implications of all that is happening will be. The future is what we make it and that means that we can make a positive future timeline for humanity by creating a reality that matches such a determined wish.

If the majority of humans on this planet have their consciousness set on the thought of impending doom and disaster in 2012, then yes, we will collectively experience that. If the majority is focusing on positive things such as enlightenment, conscious evolution, oneness, pure no-mind awareness, etc, then these will certainly define our future reality. This is why it is extremely important that we do not allow negative notions or ideas get a hold of our mind concerning 2012 because this will create the very situation we are so afraid of.

Most people underestimate the immense power each one of us has to give our share of creative power to the sum of the whole One consciousness that directs the future of humanity every single moment. If it was not for the peace movement in the 1960s (an event that can be largely attributed to the youth being confronted with a very dark situation–the Vietnam war and draft), perhaps I wouldn’t be able to be here writing this article and you wouldn’t be around to read it. If we want to ensure October 28, 2011, December 21st, 2012, or some other date in the yet-to-be determined future is a date of monumental positive transformation, then we must have our minds and awareness focused on that. After all, our destiny is in the fate of our own hands.

Transforming the world is not just the responsibility of a few enlightened sages and seers. To create a better world is the responsibility of every one of us. In this struggle for survival; innocence, love and values are being lost. It is you who has to uphold these values…it is up to all of us.

Sri Amma had something quite important to say in connection to all of this:

Do not consider yourself to be ordinary beings. Each one of you has the infinite powers of the [Source] within you. You have the powers to see [Source] in the heart of every human being, and once you begin to see the [Source] in every man, you will able to love every living being, every individual. Through you, [Source's] power would flow into the world.

Do not get habituated to lovelessness. Through your words, through your loving actions and through your service you could awaken every human being from his stupor of sufferings, self created misery and ignorance. It is because of you the whole world could be awakened. Your taking up this responsibility is the beginning of the Golden Age. This is my message to you today.

Amma is right. It is up to each one of us to do our part in the conscious evolution of humanity’s transpersonal consciousness. There is seemingly little time, given what’s going on in the world, so if there was a time when you should focus on self-growth, self-realization, and conscious evolution, now is the time. Far too much rests on what the end-result of our actions today will be. We cannot continue ignoring the inevitable decisions and choices we will have to make. It is better to be prepared for chaos and confusion within the collective consciousness than to be taken off-guard and have it affect us in an intensely-negative way.

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