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Crazy Johns Value Packs Now Month to Month

Posted on the 16 November 2011 by Prepaidplans @prepaidplans

The Crazy John’s website says it and so do their support team on Twitter. Crazy Johns Value Packs which are normally 12 month contracts are now month to month plans if you BUY ONLINE. You need to however BUY ONLINE.

Crazy John’s Value Packs come in four flavours and then you have loads of extras that you can add to them. The four plans include:

  • $10 Pack – with $100 Credit, 100MB and unlimited Crazy Johns calls.
  • $15 Pack – with $200 Credit, 500MB and unlimited Crazy Johns calls.
  • $25 Pack – with $400 Credit, 1GB and unlimited calls to Crazy Johns, Vodafone and 3 mobiles.
  • $45 Pack – with unlimited calls to anyone and 2GB.

As I stated above, these plans if purchased online have a monthly contract (the kind I like).

On top of this you can add data and SMS extras, such as $10 per month for an extra 750MB or $15 for 1.5GB. In terms of SMS, $5 per month will buy you 250 text messages or $35 in calls and texts. There are also higher values. You would obviously need to work out at what point you stop adding and buy a $45 plan for the unlimited option.

Crazy Johns also offer the Flat Chat as sim only or month to month for $25 which also comes with 500MB data.

Check Ctazy Johns out here.

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