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Crate Training a Puppy

By David13676 @dogspired

Crate Training a PuppyCrate training has always been the preferred way to housebreak a puppy because it takes advantage of his natural reluctance to make his sleeping place dirty. It also helps prevent any destructive behavior and keeps the pup away from potentially dangerous household items.

However, very young puppies under 9 weeks of age should not be crated, as they need to eliminate as often as 8-to-12 times a day. In addition, puppies younger than 4 months old have little bladder or sphincter control. Puppies purchased in pet stores, who were kept solely in small cages when young (between 7 and 16 weeks), can be considerably harder to housebreak with a crate. This is because they most likely were forced to eliminate in their sleeping area during this formative stage of development.

So, what do you do when your puppy is too young for crate training? The best method is to confine your puppy in a small- to medium-sized room with a non-porous floor. Set up the crate at one end with the door propped open and soft bedding inside, put his food and water a few feet away, and spread some newspapers on the floor several feet away. Close the room with a child gate, rather than a solid door, to help your  puppy feel less isolated.

Take your pup out frequently during the day to get him used to eliminating outdoors. Introduce him to the crate very slowly. As a rule of thumb, a puppy between 9 and 16 weeks should be left in a crate from 30 minutes (for a younger dog) to 4 hours maximum. Except for overnight, a puppy should never be crated for more than 5 to 6 hours.

Enjoy your new puppy and  give him all the love you can.  He will pay you back in volumes!

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