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Crafty Christmas | What I Received

By Designbylulu

I know I said I was going to post this yesterday but Monday came and went before I had a chance to get around to posting, so we’re ending Crafty Christmas in July a day late. My bad! Let me begin today by saying thank you so much for all your sweet comments and excitement for Crafty Christmas Week! This has been in the works for quite awhile, and I’m so happy with the way everything came together in the end. I know that my posts often don’t have a lot of instruction (I really am trying to be better about that), but thanks for bearing with me!

I can honestly say that Crafty Christmas was one of the most fun, creative ways to celebrate Christmas that I think we could’ve come up with. It was much more fun to make something from the heart for loved ones rather than try to find an insignificant item at the mall on a last-minute shopping spree. It’s obvious that each of these presents came from the heart and were made with lots of love.

Enough talk, here’s what I received for Crafty Christmas:

Crafty Christmas | What I Received

- 1 -

My sister made this darling felt garland that I think we’d originally seen in a J.Crew window last winter. She gave them to us early so they could be included in our Christmas decorations and I love them! Plus, I’m not ashamed to admit they’re still hanging above our sink, strung between 2 cabinets.

- 2 -

She also made me 2 pillows out of antique flour-sacks.

- 3 -

My sister-in-law made these bobby-pins for all us girls. Adorable + they are really tight and hold my thick, often untamable hair perfectly!

- 4 -

Another shot of the garland my sister made.

- 5 -

I count this as a combined gift from my sister-in-law and brother- a hand-painted, distressed sign that reads ‘give thanks’ on one side and ‘gone hunting’ on the other in camouflage. (I mostly leave it on the ‘give thanks’ side!) I love love LOVE this gift! My brother has always made amazing signs on both old and new pieces of wood. This particular piece of wood he found on the beach and was already that great blue color, so he added the words and viola! Instant (amazing) gift that sits in our kitchen!

- 6 -

This gift technically wasn’t part of Crafty Christmas last year, my mom gave it to Ian and I for our first Christmas together after we got married, but it’s the most adorable advent calendar ever, so I had to share it! Each day has a little pocket to stick small gifts in, as well as an embroidered number complete with an antique button. I love this gift and it’s something we get to reuse over and over! The best part  is that the first year my mom gives them to us, she fills them… bonus!

- 7 -

The second flour sack pillow from my sister…

- 8 -

Another set of bobby pins, these from my sister. Apparently I missed the memo on making bobby pins, but now I’m set for awhile!

- 9 -

And another shot of my mom’s advent calendar. Have I told you how much I love this thing??

The best part? These are only a portion of the gifts I received that were handmade. There were other small jewelry pieces exchanged, my mom made us all reusable shopping bags that I can just pop in the wash when it gets dirty, and she made me an adorable pillow out of an old quilt…but unfortunately Goose got it! It’s not completely destroyed, it still sits on our couch, it just looks a little more tattered now.

Merry Crafty Christmas to all!

Crafty Christmas | What I Received

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