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Crafty Christmas | Feather Earrings

By Designbylulu

Crafty Christmas | Feather Earrings

Despite my lack of posts, Crafty Christmas did happen this year, it just wasn’t quite as well documented as I would’ve hoped. I did get photos of most of the finished projects, but not many (or any) of the step-by-step process, so bear with me, I’ll do my best to explain the steps without pictures.

This week is dedicated to Crafty Christmas 2012, enjoy!

Crafty Christmas | Feather Earrings

My mom, sister, and sister-in-law each got homemade earrings… plus I might’ve kept a pair of each for myself.

Starting in about September I kept my eye on deals over at the | plaid barn | and ended up getting about 10 of these bronze feathers, plus a few other styles for only a few bucks. Once they arrived, I just bought some standard earring hooks at the local craft store, and put them right through the holes that were already on the feathers.

Easy breezy! Seriously, probably one of the simplest Crafty Christmas gifts I made, but they were a hit! I had enough of the feathers left over that I was able to make necklaces for everyone as well. Just bought some thin chain that was the same color as the feathers, strung it through the holes, and used a very small spacer to attach the back. They were all long enough that they didn’t actually need a clasp, just slip right over the head, which saved me a lot of trouble when it came to making them.

When it came time to package the jewelry, I cut a piece of thick stock about 2 1/2″ x 4″, rounded the 2 top corners so it’d look like a tag, punched a few holes, stuck some Washi tape on, and they were good to go!

It’s almost a little embarrassing how easy the gifts were, but hey, they were still made with love!

Crafty Christmas | Feather Earrings

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