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Crafty Christmas | Driftwood Candleholder

By Designbylulu

Crafty Christmas | Driftwood Candleholder

Driftwood candle-holders! Pretty simple to make and a big hit with my mom (who received them). Don’t be intimidated by the number of pictures below…they really are easy!

Crafty Christmas | Driftwood Candleholder

- 1 -

I collected all of this driftwood the last time I was in Kauai visiting family. I didn’t really have a use for it, I just wanted to make something at some point, and it turns out I’m so glad I got as much as I did. My mom carried all of this home in her carry-on for me, bless her heart.

- 2 -

For this project you’ll need a hot glue gun, a couple of class vases, sandpaper, and driftwood.

- 3 -

Begin by selecting similar heights of driftwood (or different ones if you want more variation), and lay them out in the order you want them on your candleholder. I tried to find ones that fit nicely next to one another, so it’s best to mess around with them a little bit here and find the best match.

- 4 -

Next, wrap your sandpaper around your vase, so that when you do sand down your driftwood, it has a slight bend to it and will lay perfectly on your cylindrical vase.

- 5 -

Sand away! Not too much, just enough to create a flat edge for your hot glue.

- 6 -

This is what my driftwood looked like after sanding.

- 7 -

Run a line of hot glue down the sanded edge (work quickly here), stick it to your vase, and press hard for a few seconds.

- 8 -

Continue steps 5, 6, and 7 until your vase is completely covered!

- 9 -

I took a couple of threads out of a piece of burlap and tied them around to finish the vases, but it looked cute without them too!

- 10 -

Insert your favorite candle, sit back, and enjoy your handy-work!

- I made it first so you can learn…but here’s what I would’ve done differently -

If I were to make some of these candleholders again, I would’ve cut the ends so that they weren’t jagged, but laid flat with whatever surface they were put on. Other than that, they were pretty foolproof and my mom was thrilled with them!

P.S. The folks at World Market totally copied me and are now making their own versions, which look like this…

Crafty Christmas | Driftwood Candleholder

found | here |

Crafty Christmas | Driftwood Candleholder

found | here |

Ok World Market, you win.

Crafty Christmas | Driftwood Candleholder

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