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Crab with Cilantro & Avocado #94

By Delicious @matgalen
Crab with cilantro & avocado #94
For this recipe I used fresh crab claws which I boiled in salted water and then removed the meat, make sure you use white crab meat. If you can´t get hold of any crab you can replace the crab with shrimps. The spring onion and cucumber is almost completely hidden in the pictures under the cilantro but don´t forget them because they add much needed crunch to this dish.
Crab with cilantro & avocado
crab meat
spring onion
olive oil
salt, pepper
Peel and crush the avocado into a rough paste, chop some cilantro and add to the avocado and combine. Add fresh lime juice, salt and pepper. Season to taste. Dice the cucumber and slice some spring onion. Plate the avocado cream and put the crab meat on top together with some cucumber and spring onion. Garnish with fresh cilantro leafs.
Crab with cilantro & avocado #94
Crab with cilantro & avocado #94

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