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Crab Fishing, 2012′s Catch Vs. 2013

By Bebeloveokazu @bebeloveokazu

Crab Fishing - 6

My husband’s good friend takes us crab fishing at least once a year, and it’s such a treat, especially for the kiddo. It’s easy for us because we just show-up, but our friend hauls these big round (and somewhat odiferous) fishing nets and brings along interesting bait. Last year he brought a scary fish head and some chicken which the crabs seemed to like quite a bit. This year he brought along chicken and salmon collars, and while the salmon was popular, the chicken was not. Go figure. (Photo above: large crab from 2012 fishing adventure.)


Fishy, fishy, fish head… eew! Or cool?

Crab Fishing - 15

The bait is tied into the center of the net to entice the crabbies.

Crab Fishing - 16

Pictured below is our little one, almost a year ago to date (August 2012). Her hair was still short then and it has really grown since. Now that I look back, I realize it took her almost three years to grow her hair to the length seen below. She was a cute little bald baby when she was born. Time flies so quickly….

Crab Fishing - 17

Uncle Fisherman is pictured above lowering the crab net at sunset.

Crab Fishing - 10

This is the net coming back up with several crab and pieces of lose kelp.

Crab Fishing - 8

Bebe and Uncle Fisherman checking out the crabs which are really cool!

Crab Fishing - 2

Ever since we went crab fishing in 2012, it’s something that Bebe talks of often, remembers quite vividly, and often asks if we can go again soon. As you might have guessed, Uncle Fisherman is quite the popular guy in her world, and apparently on the pier too! Yes, last year he drew a crowd. This year was another story (we were unpopular), but below, you can see Uncle Fisherman with the crab net, trying to dislodge several crabbies.

Crab Fishing - 5

 It was pretty amazing to see all the crabs in the net. I’d never been crab fishing either and it was really quite fun.

Crab Fishing - 9

All our crabbies in the bucket. Uncle Fisherman asked if we wanted to take these home, but we chose to throw them back into the ocean. Some of them were really small still, although, in hindsight, it might have been yummy to eat… Especially since this year we only caught one lonely baby crab who happened to die due to his efforts of trying to escape. We all felt very bad about this poor crablette.

Crab Fishing - 7

This was one of our smaller crabs that we caught last year. Their shells are really hard and their pinchers are super sharp.

Crab Fishing - 3

Last year, in 2012, we went crab fishing off the Corona Del Mar Pier (featured below) at sunset. This area was richer in crabs than the Newport Beach Pier which is where we went this year, but in the morning. Perhaps it was the timing that made a difference.

Crab Fishing - 11

Below, Corona Del Mar Beach at sunset.

Crab Fishing - 22

Crab Fishing - 21


 Although crab fishing this year didn’t yield any crabbies, which I was actually willing to take home and cook, it was definitely just as fun as it was last year. This year, Bebe got to help reel in the rope with Uncle Fisherman.

Crab Fishing Collage

There’s our empty net coming up. The water was really clear.

Crab Fishing - 34

Here’s my buddy Lisa from Dandyrions pictured below. She designs and sews her own clothing and accessories. Feel free to follow the link to see what she’s all about. She freeing the little crablette that got caught in the net and exhausted itself trying to escape. Although she threw it back into the ocean we don’t think the little guy survived, but we’re hoping for the best.

Crab Fishing - 35

There’s our little one having fun with her Daddy and Uncle Fisherman. Personally, I think Uncle Fisherman is dressed quite fancy in his khakis and polo shirt for crab fishing. ;) It’s ok if I tease him since he doesn’t read my blog?

Crab Fishing - 30

I must say that the highlight of this crab fishing expedition is that we saw a sea lion!!! It was so exciting to see this. We have a feeling that this sea lion was feeding on our crab bait but we’re happy to have supported the local wild life.

Sea Lion

Corona Del Mar Pier
Near Iris Street and Ocean Blvd.
Coronna Del Mar, CA 92625

Newport Beach Pier
70 Newport Pier
Newport Beach, CA 92663

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