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Cowboys Take Wisconsin Center In 1st Round

By Jobsanger
Cowboys Take Wisconsin Center In 1st Round It's hard to get a real difference maker in the NFL Draft when you have a mediocre football season -- a season that's not good enough to get you in the playoffs and not bad enough to get a superstar draft pick. I was hoping that a really good offensive or defensive lineman -- a "can't miss" pick that would be a sure upgrade for the line. But when the 18th pick came around all the best linemen on both sides of the ball had already been picked.
The Cowboys traded their 18th pick for a number 31 pick and a third round pick (from the 49ers). Then with the 31st pick, the Cowboys reached down into the second round and picked a center from the Wisconsin Badgers -- Travis Frederick (6' 4", 338 lbs). The Cowboys were weak at center last year, so maybe this is an upgrade. I really hope so. Being picked in the first round (even at number 31), Frederick needs to be a starter next season -- and a good one.
I still think they need another guard or tackle and an interior defensive lineman. Unfortunately, you never know what you're really getting when you draft after the first round. It could be a diamond in the rough, or it could be a poser. I guess we'll have to trust that the Cowboy scouts have found some guys with real value further down in the draft. All in all, I'm pretty disappointed in the first day of the draft.

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