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Covid-19 – My Experience with Vaccination, Part 2

By Luphil

Last Wednesday, 19 May, I took my second anti-covid19 vaccination – there is a blog-post about my first vaccination on 21 April and about the antecedents.
When I now came again to the vaccination center at the university clinic of Berne, the queue at the entrance was longer but I had good luck: inside the tent with a corridor and a number of cabins, a patient just left and I was immediately called in. The doctor asked some questions about how I had digested the first shot – a little nausea in the evening, feeling groggy the first two days, on the third day like having a veil inside the head with some difficulties to concentrate, but from the fourth day on it was OK.

I didn’t tell what I further had observed: During meditation and on more subtle planes, there was a feeling of fog, which took more time to dissolve. After a few days I thought, everything is OK again and that the body had well digested the vaccination. There was an undercurrent of nervosity which I didn’t link to the post-vaccination reactions of the body / subtle bodies. I thought it was because of the ongoing work load and the general rush of events, which is high, though outwardly I’m living quite secluded.

Eight days ago, I contacted a couple who are friends, and especially she clairsentient, asking what might be the reason for the ongoing tenseness, if I had caught some disturbing elementals. They said that there is nothing in my aura but that they observed in my system some ongoing effects from the vaccination, a kind of subtle fissures. They did some energetic work and asked if I now felt better, and I said that yes.

Last weekend, I mentioned this observation to an American friend. He told me that his wife is a naturopath and has a number of patients having various after-effects of vaccination. We spoke about the impact the vaccinations have, but also the need to take them, in view of the much stronger impacts coming in through Covid 19 and especially its newer variants.

This was at the backside of my mind when I sat down for getting the second vaccination – it took just a few seconds. Then I received the vaccination certificate and my yellow international vaccination document with the stamps – the momentary “ticket” for traveling abroad, until the Swiss authorities, in coordination with the EU, will give out a “vaccination passport”… They told me I could immediately leave again the centre, since there was no allergic reaction the first time. And so I went out. Rain started dripping and then pouring down while bicycling back home.

In the afternoon I felt OK but the next day there was like a dense gray veil in my head. I felt disarranged, rattled. In the afternoon a friend came and brought me homoeopathic vaccination support with three little bottles of globules from a naturopathic pharmacy. The set contained Sulphur D12 to be taken one day before vaccination, Ledum C 30 for painful injection sites and Thuja C 30 for one day after injection. I took the Thuja. My friend also gave a dose of each for my wife who didn’t yet have the vaccinations and left.

When afterwards I went for a walk in a nearby forest, I was so dizzy that I thought I would not be fit to drive a car. After the evening meditation it got better – maybe it was because of the homeopathy.
Today it is better, but there is still a basic tension. The body is still working to adjust.

Covid-19 – my Experience with Vaccination, Part 2
A crystal near my desk as a visualisation of the injection

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