Business Magazine Would You Have Taken $15,000?

Posted on the 13 July 2017 by Worldwide @thedomains

I have written before about striking while the iron is hot on pop culture and political domain names.

Back in April we detailed the Shane Burchett the owner of, you can read the full story here, but the gist of the story is the registrant thought he could possibly see six figures for the name and currently still owns it.  It’s 2017 no one cares anymore, the election is over.

Fast forward to, when the auction was listed on Flippa, I had a chat with another domainer about one curious note in the description. $15,000 USD offer:

Take the $15,000 or don’t mention it, right away it let’s a lot of perspective buyers know you want a lot, maybe some people would have bid higher than the $4,550 where it closed. Those people probably did not participate knowing their $8,000 would not be accepted.

The other problem was the owner is running a business on another covfefe name is where points to, the owner in my opinion should have pointed it to the Flippa auction. One commenter was spot on:

I’d say it will keep getting traffic maybe less than now but I would have bid if they included the other website as a package. Seems like they took the most traffic to that one and I can’t come up with better business plan than they already have in place which makes them my competitor but I would buy the domain from them. I mean its weird for me I guess.

So now a lot of potential bidders see the seller as future competition if they go the funny tees and mugs route. There are not many vehicles for this name, and there will be another funny/unfortunate tweet that goes viral and people will forget about covfefe.

The name is trending down:


Was taking the $15,000 the smart move? In my opinion yes, but the buyer should still do ok as it was a handreg, the ROI should still be pretty high.

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