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Coupons and Vouchers

By Sue15cat
Coupons and Vouchers
It's the time of the year that the quarterly coupons and vouchers pop through our letterbox ... along with the charity begging letters containing 'complementary' Christmas cards, raffle tickets to sell and free pens, none of which even get properly looked at.  I choose who gets my charitable donations, and any organisation wasting that much money on postings are not included.
 Anyway in years gone by when we've been using our M&S and Tesco credit cards to pay for building supplies and larger items (always paid off in full at the end of the month of course from the money we had saved to make the purchases) the amount of coupons we received were brilliant and helped out during many a blog money saving Challenge.  Now with everything necessary purchased and our spending cut right back,  tbe coupons are much lower in value ... but still worth having in my opinion.
As you can see we have got £8.50 in Tesco Clubcard vouchers ...
Coupons and Vouchers
...and our M&S card has given us a total of £6 in vouchers. 
We no longer have a Tesco credit card and just use a Clubcard to pick up points, most of which we accrue for fuel for the vehicles.  Although with Alan now predominantly working from home even our fuel bill has plummeted , thank goodness.
So my question to you ... what would you do with a grand total of £8.50 to spend in Tesco and £6 to spend in M&S?
Sue xx

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