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Country Club Plaza Blight??

Posted on the 06 September 2016 by Morage @kebmebms

Intercontinental Kansas City at the Plaza
Here we go again.
Yet another company on the Country Club Plaza wants tax breaks. This time, it's a huge luxury hotel corporation, The Intercontinental, and they're claiming that their Intercontinental on our Plaza--you know, the old Alameda, is suffering from "blight."

InterContinental, a premier KC hotel, 

seeks 'blight' designation

What chutzpah. What corporate chutzpah. What nerve.
Intercontinental should break the news to their customers, that the hotel where they're staying suffers from "blight."
As an example, check out how the Intercontinental Hotel chain describes their local hotel, on their website.
It is today and always has been presented as a luxury hotel, first. Second, they've updated and redecorated the hotel since taking over from the Alameda. And the rooms start at $200 per night. How much blight can they suffer at those rates?
Check this out. As further proof. They list themselves on at least a few sites on the internet as a Five Star Hotel, too.

The 5 Best Luxury Hotels in Kansas City, MO

 - Five Star Alliance

Five Star Luxury Hotels in Kansas City

The chain lists themselves on their official website (see below) as having $1,803,000 last year in "group revenue" with an operating profit of $680 million.
This is just like when the law firm, some years ago, wanted to take over an apartment building on the Plaza. They asked for tax breaks, too. Fortunately, the people of Kansas City rose up, made their voice heard and it was struck down. The site is now an ongoing, successful hotel.
That's what needs to happen here, now, on this, again. That is, the citizens of Kansas City need to rise up, speak up and tell Intercontinental "HELL NO" on this whole idea and proposal.  
They want to be a top of the food chain, luxury hotel?  Fine. Do it.
They just shouldn't do it on the backs of the citizens of Kansas City.

InterContinental® Hotels - Official Site

InterContinental Hotels Group PLC

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