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Thanksgiving Kids Table- 2 years ago

So I've been a little less here and more there lately.  Although I'm not sure I could tell you where here or there is!
Life has taken us into a whirl wind once again as it often does.  I am still in denial that in less than two days it will be Thanksgiving.  Good thing I'm not hosting!  And after that an onslaught of Christmas preparation.  I've been holding Cyrus off at bay about Christmas decorations, promising the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  But too quickly that is now approaching.
The weekend came and went and honestly the past couple of days have just been mushed together.  By the time appropriate parties have all been picked up in the evening delivered home and fed the night's just about over.  
Baby Thor has be coaxed to bed by 7 p.m. because honestly I think he finally looses the strength to fight it. (He's still only on about an 1 1/2 hour nap daily) He looks so angelic with his little eye lids closed so tight and lips puckered out. 
Captain Cyrus has been a manic 4 year old, either suffering from early onset cabin fever, the holiday rush or just too much energy and not enough daylight to get it all out.  Luckily we've snuck some alone time before bed to read his favorite "stories". 
Let the Thanksgiving countdown begin. I'm looking forward to a day not so much of rest, but a day to just take for ourselves.  Enjoy family, friends and good food.  I'm sure there will be a few melt downs along the way, it wouldn't be a holiday with out them, but in the process I hope my boys will gain some lasting memories. 
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