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Could I Cherry Pick My Audience?

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Amanda Uprichard Baltimore
This is probably going to sound controversial (which is not my intention) but some times I wish I could cherry pick my audience. Do not get me wrong, I am not looking for an 'agreeable' audience. It's not about having people puff me up for everything I say or present here either ... It is about having people in the same 'head space' to understand and exchange (debate!) ideas with ... The sole reason I continue to blog is for that every now and then, there are few sparks of true connections that I happen to make through this medium.  A lot of debates happen via emails (with readers) or texts (with friends and family). However often, I find that it's probably not worth exchanging my point of view with some people because we are not in the same (or even near about) realm of existence. It's like trying to have a conversation is two different languages where neither of the two are understanding a single word. Having said that I would like to appreciate all the comments I receive. A lot of recent comments on my posts have enriched my world view, taught me something new or stimulated my brain to say the least. I have said it before, and I will repeat myself - commenting & complimenting is a skill - which some of my readers have in spades, and one which I lack direly. Even when I am touched or moved I fail to express my emotions in apt comments/compliments. Le sigh! One day I will learn ...

For now let me try and compliment my photographer for this post: Jess, who took these spectacular shots at the Visionary Art Museum (Baltimore) on a cold morning. I love how the light in the shots. She and her husband, were an absolute delight to shoot with and I cannot wait work with her again! Also, a BIG shoutout to Sassanova boutique for collaborating with me on this post.  Photography via JessBeeCreates  Amanda Uprichard Baltimore  Amanda Uprichard Baltimore Amanda Uprichard Baltimore Amanda Uprichard Baltimore
Amanda Uprichard Baltimore
Location - Baltimore, Maryland Dress - Amanda Uprichard via Sassanova // Same Pumps - Dolce Vita // Better Jeans - GAP // Similar Bracelets - Other Option Bag - YSL // Same

Earrings - Sassanova // Same

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