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Couch-to-5K Week 1, Workout 2

By Adventuresinamyland

Holy cannoli this workout sucked. I just could not get into it mentally. I think I need to stick with working out in the evenings as going in the morning just does not work for me because I’m not nearly hydrated enough. Having breakfast and then just a bit of water (because who wants to run on a full bladder?) does not equal a good workout. To top it all off it was mighty windy today with a nice steady drizzle. Oh well, I got out there and did it which is the important thing!

Couch-to-5K Week 1, Workout 2

W1, W2: DONE!

I am now sitting back in bed, drinking lemon water like there’s no tomorrow, and hoping my face doesn’t stay pink the rest of the day.

Amy x

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