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Costco Offers Solar Powered Attic Fan 1010TR

Posted on the 26 May 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Costco Offers Solar Powered Attic Fan 1010TRAfter seeing the photovoltaic systems advertised on Costco’s regular email and (and highlighted in a yesterday‘s post), I also thought about the solar powered attic fan that has been on Costco’s website for some time. Selling for $329.99, the The Solar Powered Attic Fan 1010TR replaces the old windmill like globular attic fan, like the one seen here. The solar powered fan offers a high tech take on the self-powered device. The Solar Powered Attic Fan 1010TR ventilates up to 1350 square feet. The fan qualifies for 30% federal tax credit, with annual operating costs are less than $5 a year (which accounts for the AC power option which allows the fan to run at night or in lieu of sunlight).

According to Costco, the benefits are as follows:

  • Reduces heat build-up in your attic in the summer
  • Reduces damaging moisture in your attic: Moisture is constantly added to your home by washers, showers & cooking; and when this migrates to the attic, it condenses and can cause growth of mold and mildew
  • The Solar Controller runs your Solar Powered Attic Fan after dark with the optional house electricity connection
  • The Solar Controller monitors the temperature and humidity in your attic with the included remote control
  • Extremely quiet: no harmonic hum typical of electric powered fans
  • Easy to install: no electrician, permits, or inspections required

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